Onboarding with Vivid Studios


When you work with Vivid Studios, here’s what you can expect during our onboarding process:



After an initial conversation, we’ll have enough information to present a detailed proposal to the client, outlining the recommended services, deliverables, timelines, and costs. Upon client approval, we’ll schedule a kickoff meeting with the client and key members of our team.


Kickoff Meeting

This meeting serves to introduce the team and establish clear communication and expectations, as well as allows the team to get to know the client’s business. This meeting covers topics such as project scope, timelines, goals, and budget, as well as any questions the client has for our team (and vice versa).


Onboarding and Access

After the kickoff meeting, our project manager begins the onboarding process, which may involve setting up new accounts, gathering assets, and gaining access to the necessary accounts (social media, Google, etc.)

Once we’ve successfully acquired the required materials, we can begin diving into the research, development and implementation of a successful marketing plan.


Marketing Process

Effective marketing necessitates following a strategic process when creating effective marketing campaigns. The exact steps may vary slightly depending on the client’s unique needs, but our general process typically involves the following:

Discovery and Research: We conduct research to gain a deeper understanding of the client’s business, industry, competitors, target audience, and marketing challenges. This involves reviewing existing marketing materials, analytics data, and conducting market research.

Defining the Marketing Objectives: This includes identifying the desired outcome of the campaign, such as increasing brand awareness, generating leads, or driving sales.

Strategy Development: Based on the research and insights gained during the discovery phase, we’ll develop a marketing strategy that aligns with the client’s goals and objectives. This strategy can include recommendations for tactics, channels, messaging, and budget allocation.

Creating a Campaign Plan: The campaign plan outlines the specific activities, tactics, and timelines for executing the marketing strategy. This includes developing the creative assets, setting the budget, and defining the metrics for measuring success.

Implementing the Campaign: With client approval, we implement the campaign plan by executing the tactics and activities outlined in the plan. This may involve creating and distributing content, running ads, sending emails, or engaging with customers on social media.

Monitoring and Analyzing the Results: Throughout the campaign, our expert team monitors the results and adjusts the strategy as needed. This involves analyzing the data and metrics, such as website traffic, click-through rates, and conversion rates to optimize the campaign for better performance.

Reporting and Optimizing: Our team will then report the results to the client and make recommendations for optimizing the campaign for even better results in the future.

By following these tried and proven steps, we can create effective marketing campaigns that reach and engage our clients’ target audiences, achieve the desired outcomes, and generate a positive return on investment for each client.

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