2023’s Top Website Platforms for Business

It’s 2023. After almost a quarter-century into the new millennium, not having a sleek, professional website is a big no-no for businesses. Your website is the place where most customers will discover your brand, learn about your products and services and make orders, reservations or requests. Even if customers are just finding your contact information […]

The Role of Reflections and Shadows in Photography

At its core, photography is all about capturing light and using it to create compelling images. But without careful coordination of light sources, you can easily end up with photos that look dull or unclear. In fact, skilled management of lighting is one of the key differentiators of world-class photography. The best photographers understand how […]

How to Perform an SEO Competitive Analysis

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a fundamental part of any online marketing strategy. But in order to do it effectively, you need to have an idea of how your competitors are using it, and where you can gain an advantage. That’s where SEO competitive analysis comes in.  Below, we’ll review the benefits of an SEO […]

What is Responsive Website Design?

When creating your brand’s website, implementing responsive web design is now an essential step. That’s because responsive web design makes it possible for your website to be compatible with a wide variety of devices.  Adapting to New Technologies Modern consumers are browsing the web from an ever-growing multitude of devices. Smartphones, tablets, laptops, PCs, even […]

SEO Strategies That Will Boost Your Website’s Rankings

Now that the internet is the primary domain for marketing and commerce, attaining top website rankings is absolutely essential for a thriving business. Where your website shows up in search engine results directly impacts its market dominance, often being one of the deciding factors in whether or not you surpass your competition. This is where using […]

How to Do a PPC Competitive Analysis

If you’re implementing pay-per-click (PPC) ads as a part of your marketing strategy, it can be tough to tell how well it’s really doing. After all, just because you’re getting a fair amount of clicks doesn’t mean your competitors aren’t getting more. Luckily, you can get a lot more clarity by performing a PPC competitive […]

Lighting: Outdoor vs. Studio

As a photographer, you have a multitude of factors to consider when picking the right lighting conditions for your shoot. Your subject, theme, desired effect, and practical capabilities all influence whether it’s best to head outdoors or stick to the studio. In this post, we give a quick review of the main considerations regarding both […]

Marketing Trends to Watch For in 2022

With the new year comes a need to recalibrate and refresh. Tremendous changes are expected in the coming months, making it important for businesses to know how to adapt and stay relevant. In our forecast of 2022’s marketing trends, we take a look at the new territories commerce is exploring and how they can improve […]

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What is Tourism Marketing and How to Get Started

Despite the disruption of the pandemic, Florida’s economy is still one of the most impressive in the nation. A huge contributor to that success is Florida’s tourism market. While it’s estimated that Florida’s visitor numbers dropped by 39.3% between 2019 and 2020, the state still saw over 79.75 million travelers come through. That means that […]

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Why Brands Need Marketing In All Market Conditions

Why Brands Need Marketing In All Market Conditions   Many businesses look at marketing as a tool to generate revenue when things start getting slow. But this reactive mindset results in only trying to fix financial problems, not prevent them. It’s an approach that leads to underperformance and can hold a business back from its […]