For Florida Businesses:

Professional Video & Photography

No matter what kind of business you have on the Florida Gulf Coast, high-quality videos have a major role to play in your web marketing success. Professional, eye-catching imagery helps define your brand and ensures that your company will be front-of-mind for your current clients, potential converts and future leads.

At Vivid, we give photography services and video production the attention it deserves, from small-scale filming in our in-house studio to larger onsite shoots hosted by third-party venues. Using professional camera equipment as well as drones, we get the best possible shots to implement into all facets of marketing materials: website, social media, trade show displays, business cards, printed marketing materials and sales presentations.

When your future customers see your marketing materials, we want them to be excited, motivated and impressed with what you have to offer. Achieving that requires professional photographers that capture great photography that makes it clear that your firm is their best option.

We care how your materials look, which is why we are 100% committed to providing quality photography.

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Meet The Photographer

David Tejada

Vivid Studios has a team of experienced photographers and videographers that we rely on to paint your business in the best light. We are happy to introduce our newest addition to the team, a very experienced and accomplished local photographer who has shot for companies world wide.

professional photography

David Tejada is one of Florida’s most highly regarded location corporate photographers. He is recognized for his dramatic and innovative photographic lighting techniques and graphic style.

Also known for his approachable personality, David has the reputation of being a person who is easy to work with who takes the worry out of corporate work. With more than thirty years of shooting experience, David has developed a clear understanding of both corporate and designer needs. His work successfully integrates exciting color and strong graphic compositions to effectively communicate his client’s message.

Drone Services

Drone photography and video captures a unique perspective of your company or service and allows you to tell a more compelling story.

We’re always looking for new ways to elevate our clients’ marketing. That’s why we’ve invested heavily in cutting edge technology to provide drone photography services. Our drone pilots are trained and certified in flying UAS (Unmanned Aerial Systems). We proudly offer our clients professional aerial production services.

The images and video captured with drone technology are widely used in a variety of industries as both a service and marketing tool. Drone production is a must-have for construction and real estate professionals.

Our drone photography and video services are an affordable way to ensure that you get exceptional images and video footage while guaranteeing that all FAA regulations are followed precisely. Our drone licenses are current, we are insured up to $1 million, and we are experienced in capturing the kind of cinematic footage that enhances and improves your firm’s reputation in the industry.

drone photography in Sarasota