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Social Media Management Services

With so much competition for views and clicks, brands are finding it hard to keep up with each social media platform’s algorithmic changes. That means that they could be missing out on reaching the audiences most likely to convert. Now more than ever, gaining traction on social media requires consistency, great content, and an advertising budget.

To help maximize and optimize your presence on social media, the Vivid team integrates social media management services into your overarching marketing strategy. We strategize to discover the best platforms and most promising approach for your brand, then we create a robust content calendar full of posts, stories, links, photos and more that provide value for your target audience and encourage them to get to know your brand on a deeper level. We’ll also add social share buttons to your website so your website visitors can share your content with other potential customers.

Social Media
Social media is used by smart businesses to:
  • Cultivate a brand identity
  • Increase brand awareness
  • Create positive brand association/recognition
  • Facilitate conversions
  • Gain insight from customer feedback
  • Improve communication with target audiences
  • Interact with key audiences
  • Increase website traffic
social media management

What Can Our Social Media Team Do For Your Business?

We’re committed to delivering results with your social media marketing strategy; that’s why we offer the full range of social media management services. 

Social Media Management

The Vivid social media team can transform your social media presence with consistent, high-quality content across platforms. We’ll help your audience become more familiar with your brand, convert into customers and gain value from your content.

Social Media Advertising

Gone are the days of pure organic growth. Social media is now a pay-to-play situation, and we can help you satisfy algorithms, gain growth and convert more customers through a targeted, low-cost advertising campaign.